After dealing with more buttheads at work, then a boatload of street harassers walking to get some essential groceries, I’ve welcomed my evening of self-care.

I had a nice, relaxing shower, then put on a yummy peppermint face mask. Now I’m going to take my first B-12 vitamin - recommended to me to help combat general and chronic fatigue. Then I’m going to watch some netflix, whilst staying hydrated and nurture my tried and tired hands with lemon cuticle cream! <333

  1. paronomaniac said: B12’s been helping me out a lot. I hope it does the same for you!
  2. lushveganlife said: Is that Mask of Magnaminty? I did the same one earlier!
  3. droidwithabadmotivator said: this makes me sleepy.
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  5. sharpenyerclaws said: that cuticle cream is the best thing ever!
  6. ruffledbrows said: sounds perfect! enjoy <3
  7. manic-and-panic said: Sounds like a great evening! Must copy you!