Based on what’s in my inbox right now, people seem to be a little confused about this post I reblogged earlier, and added commentary to.

- 77 cents is not the average of all women’s pay. 77 cents is in fact what white women make to the dollar.

- Oddly enough, in my queue, I had this post, which posted right before I reblogged that Think Progress post.

- 77 cents = white women only

- White women should not be the default, but they often are referred to as “women” and much like in this Think Progress post, WoC, are an afterthought - and as shown, so are their pay gaps.

- White women should not be the default.

- Women should mean women. All women. Full-stop.

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    No, actually, 77 cents is the average of women’s pay. White women make 80.5 cents (as of 2010) to a man’s dollar. So,...
  2. inquisitivebibliophile said: That’s the only way to increase awareness—to keep talking about it. I know TP meant well giving that wage gap information, but they could have taken 2 minutes to edit and present it in a better way.
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