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I’m not interested in getting married, either, but referring to marriage as just a piece of paper isn’t nice, what with queer people still fighting hard for that right. There is a lot more to marriage that is denied to a lot of people.

I absolutely agree! Great point. Marriage does allow for things like shared benefits, health coverage/insurance, certain visitors rights, etc… Hwever I looked back at what I said, and I do think my word choice does not imply that marriage is just a piece of paper. I simply said I don’t need it to define my relationship. My purpose for saying that was because within certain couples, and you’d be correct that those are straight couples, the woman can be pressured for certain binary, stereotypical, superficial, or just plain archaic reasons that her marraige certificate, having that piece of paper means her relationships is now something better, or more real.

Especially since gay marriage is not yet legal in all states, I thought that was important to clarify, because of course being married does not mean that your relationship is suddenly more legitimate than a non-married couple.

Everyone should be allowed to marry, but no one should feel pressure to… either way.