are you a feminist? so you're not going to get married or what? slightly confused...

I am definitely a feminist. And you are right that I, personally, do not plan to get married, but I’m not against other people choosing that path forĀ themselvesĀ either. My being a feminist, and simultaneously feeling like I don’t need a piece of paper to define my relationship are not necessarily consequential to each other; they’re just two facts about myself.

You can certainly still be a feminist and get married if you’d like. Is that why you were asking? I can’t say that I know if you were referencing something on my blog, and what it is that you are slightly confused about. :-)

  1. kiskolee said: I’m slightly confused why this anon thinks feminists won’t get married. That’s not what feminists are about. lol. Equality, choice, freedom from sexism. Jeeze.
  2. thewhisperinglady said: I’m not interested in getting married, either, but referring to marriage as just a piece of paper isn’t nice, what with queer people still fighting hard for that right. There is a lot more to marriage that is denied to a lot of people.
  3. ladyplath said: That’s so me! I don’t want to get married for the same reason :) I don’t want a simple piece of paper, which can be torn to shreds as easily as any other piece of paper, to define my relationship with someone. So glad someone else agrees with me! x
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