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March 21 2012, 08:56 PM

Anonymous: Why do sexism and patriarchy bother me, despite me being male?

I think these things should bother you. They affect you as well. As a woman, I hate seeing billboards, magazines, and society in general, telling me how I should look, and what I should do to make my body a certain way (to make it pleasing to a man).

If I turn the tables around for a moment though, I can’t imagine that facade of “the desirable woman” is something all men really want. And having that being shoved down your throat 24/7, being told it is anyway, like you can’t decide, you aren’t capable of making up your own mind as to what you would find desirable in a woman. You aren’t trusted to make that intimate, personal, decision, so instead it is factory fed to you. In a strange way, that seems pretty degrading to men. I’m not saying it’s the same level as what women have to endure. It’s not exactly comparable in my opinion. But on a different way, that must be pretty shitty, I imagine. I know I wouldn’t like it.

And that’s obviously just one example. I’m sure you’ve heard me discuss gender roles and stereotypes on here more than a few times. Those are alive and well, and oppressing men along with women. And we have our not so good friends, sexism and patriarchy to thank for that.

Now the next step, is to take that distaste, that disdain, that rejection, and do something about it, my friend :-)

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