I want to draw a feminist symbol on the back of one of my shirts. The one with a fist in a circle and the bottom of the arm is a line going through it? What do you think of that. Should I? Should I not? Thank you.

Why not? That sounds like a fun idea to me. It would be a cool little get together if you have other feminist irl friends as well (although I know those can be hard to come by). If people are allowed to go around with naked porn stars on their shirts, in chains, with coinciding text that reads “how it should be” across it (yes, I saw this the other day unfortunately), then I certainly think you should go ahead and do that.

You aren’t hurting anyone, and you are doing something active and empowering. It may even start a dialogue with others, which would be cool. I made a shirt last year that read “Fuck DSK” (Dominique Strauss-Kahn)¬†for that very purpose. Have at it! xx