Hello, I have been seeing the same argument all across the internet lately- that if a woman wants control of her own body and does not want the government involved in her sexual life, then she shouldn't ask for health insurance to cover birth control. It's infuriating, and I was just wondering what argument you would formulate against this. I can't seem to come up with one that comes across strong enough. Thanks so much.

The issue here is less about sex itself and more about two things: health/healthcare and sexist double standards surrounding accessibility, availability, and privacy.

Certain states (like Texas) have decided to stop covering pap smears. Really? So Viagra is covered, but not a pap smear. Apparently men being able to get it up is of higher importance to the government than women being able to maintain their health and take steps to prevent cancer. Makes sense.

The government could decide to be involved or they could decide to not be involved I suppose, but wait, they have chosen a third option. Form men, they will every sure all the “necessities” (like Viagra) are covered, and that you can get condoms whenever and wherever you want. Ok, that sounds like a sweet deal. I wonder what the women get…

Unfortunately, they don’t get so hot a deal. They cannot get birth control without being questioned, heavily scrutinized, often a prescription, and a big hunk of change… Because it’s not covered. Or, if you’re real lucky, in Arizona a woman could be able to get fired from her job if she is taking the pill and can’t prove she takes it for reasons aside from sex.

And many women do take the pill for plenty of reasons aside from pregnancy prevention. But why should it matter if that’s why she’s taking it. If that’s going to say anything about her, it should say that’s she’s responsible and wants to be proactive in matters concerning her reproductive health. I’m failing to whereof that is warrants being fired?

This is why I am loving what’s going on in Ohio right now with Senator Nina Turner and her “Viagra Bill”. Suddenly the big wigs care about health coverage now. I think it’s very telling of where women, their health, and general well-being rank in the government’s priorities.

Hopefully this helps you out with some areas you can focus on or highlight! :-) xx